Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Try to Quit Smoking instrument

Roger Watson, Editor

Our second paper published in Nursing Open comes from Sweden and is about developing an instrument to measure the pressures that people feel when they try to stop smoking.  The paper, by Lundh et al. (2014), analyses data from 63 people using a 17-item questionnaire to produce a 14-item questionnaire that measures three aspects of trying to stop smoking:
  • development of pressure-filled mental states (eg I feel criticized for not being able to quite smoking)
  • use of destructive pressure-relief strategies (eg it is unnecessary to quit because I am too old)
  • ambivalent thoughts (eg I do not get support and encouragement when I try to quit smoking)

Lundh L, Alinaghizadeh H, Tornkvist L, Gilljam H, Galanti MR (2014) Measurement of factors that negatively influence the outcome of quitting to smoke among patients with COPD: psychometric analyses of the Try TO Quite Smoking instrument Nursing Open doi: 10.1102/nop2.4

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