Sunday, 19 April 2015

Generation Y nurses

Roger Watson, Editor
This study was to report what factors Generation Y New Zealand Registered Nurses wish to change about nursing.  New Zealand has a shortage of nurses and a growing older population and it is important to see what factors will attract generation Y people into nursing and keep them there.
Generation Y are defined for this study as those born between 1980-1994 and data were collected using an online survey - of course...for generation Y!  Various motivators and de-motivators ('push and pull factors') were identified in the study and, as the authors conclude: 'Given the ageing New Zealand nursing workforce couple with an ageing population and an increasing demand for health services it is clear that the retention of young Generation Y registered nurses in the healthcare workforce is essential. It is imperative that employers of nurses and government organisations responsible for nursing work force planning understand what push or pull factors are motivating these nurses to remain in, or exit from the profession with a view to developing strategies to address their concerns. If Generation Y New Zealand registered nurses are to remain in the workplace then the workplace needs to develop motivators to keep them there. If this does not occur the potential exists for the healthcare workplace to either be overwhelmed by dissatisfied workers which will be detrimental to both the nurses and patients or a workplace that is short of nurses.'

This article is published open access and is free to download.

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