Monday, 11 April 2016

Who gets pressure ulcers?

Roger Watson, Editor

The study aimed to characterize demographic and clinical practice factors associated with community and hospital acquired pressure ulcers.

All patients admitted to the District General Hospital over 41 months between 2007–2010 were eligible for analysis. Throughout their hospital stay, data were collected by a single observer (GS) using a standardized reporting form to record their risk status and, where present, the location and category of any pressure ulcers.

The demographics of the 46,254 patients admitted to the general district hospital reflected the ageing population of the local community, with a mean age of 56 6 years. Of these patients, 6516 (14%) were considered to be at risk of developing a PU presenting with a maximum Waterlow score greater than 10 at some point during their hospital stay.

This study has shown that patients admitted to a General District hospital with a pressure ulcer or acquire a pressure ulcer during their inpatient stay are older and have an extended length of stay than those at risk who do not develop a pressure ulcer.


Worsley PR, Smith G, Schoonhoven L, Bader D (2016) Characteristics of patients who are admitted with or acquire Pressure Ulcers in a District General Hospital; a 3 year retrospective analysis Nursing Open doi: 10.1002/nop2.50

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