Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Selecting nursing students

Roger Watson, Editor

This study uses a lifeworld perspective to explore beginning students’ values about nursing. Internationally, increasing care demand, a focus on targets and evidence of dehumanized care cultures have resulted in scrutiny of practitioner values. In England, selection policy dictates that prospective nursing students demonstrate person-centred values and care work experience. However, there is limited recent evidence exploring values at programme commencement or the effect of care experience on values. Undergraduate nursing students (N=161) were recruited in 2013 from one English university.

Statistical analysis indicated that most of the values identified in student responses were not significantly affected by paid care experience. Five themes were identified: How I want care to be; Making a difference; The value of learning; Perceived characteristics of a nurse; and Respecting our humanity. Students readily drew on their experience of living to identify person-centred values about nursing.


Scammell JTait DWhite STait MChallenging nurse student selection policy: Using a lifeworld approach to explore the link between care experience and student valuesNurs Open2017;00:112